1993 Eighth Annual Meeting of students and alumni of the School of Dental Prosthetics Juan Badal March: Waxing Aesthetic. (Benicasim).

2001 EUROPEAN IMPLANT FORUM: Post degree in implantology, oral implantology and implant supported prosthetics Diploma (Madrid).

2002 SEPES: "Teamwork aproach", The excellent teamwork. Dr. Gamborena / Mr. Casares (Murcia).

2003 II International Symposium on Oral Implantology (Vitoria).

2004 Nobel Biocare Iberian Conference. Esthetics for the new millennium (Sitges / Barcelona).

2004 ACADEN: Light, Reflections and Contrasts (Granada).

2005 Dental Technological Club: Ceramic Aesthetics without Metal (San Sebastian).

2005 Professional School of Dental Prosthetics of Aragon: A concept becomes reality (Zaragoza).

2006 SEPES: Light, Reflection and Contrasts (Madrid).

2007 Professional School of Dental Prosthetics of Madrid: Aesthetics in ceramic materials (Madrid).

2007 FDM: Aesthetics Today and Tomorrow (Barcelona).

2010 II Update Conferences on Aesthetics Implantology: aesthetic enhancements in the previous sector (Valencia).

2011 IV Technical-Scientific Seminars "Learning Together" (Jaén).

2011 SCOI: Integration of the Prosthesis in Implantology (Granada).

2011 Professional School of Dental Technicians of Galicia: "Anatomy, shape and texture" (Santiago de Compostela).

2011 SYMPOSIUM 3MESPERTISE: Aesthetics; Art and Technology Fusion (Madrid).

2011 SEPES: Anatomy, Shape and Texture (Tarragona).

2011 Professional School of Dental Prosthetics of Madrid: "Anatomy, Shape and Texture" (Madrid).

2012 SEI (Spanish Implants Association): "Anatomy, shape and texture" (Valencia)

2012 Dental University of Almeria: "Integration of the prothesis in Implantology" (Almería)

2012 Dental Technological Club: "Anatomy, shape and texture" (Bilbao)

2012 Professional College of Dental Technicians of the Community of Madrid: "Light, Reflections and Contrasts" (Madrid).

2013 VI International Symposium of Implantology of Oviedo: "Integration of the prothesis in Implantology" (Oviedo)

2013 Sped Congress. "Parameters for optimizing white aesthetics" (Oporto)

2013 Acaden: "Parameters for optimizing white aesthetics" (Granada)

2014 "Parameters for the optimization of white aesthetics" Conference Partnering for life Nobel Biocare Symposium (Sintra)

2014 "Parameters for the optimization of white aesthetics" International Dental Prothesis Congress

2014 FDM Dentaltechnic Conference (Barcelona)

2014 II Symposium CRC (Valladolid)

2016 SEPES (More information)

2020 18 SYMPOSIO IBÉRICO ZIMMER BIOMET Institute "When materials interfere in the color"