1991 Workshop: "Laboratory Procedures to manufacture Fixed Prosthesis on Implants." Mr. Robert

Sasaki. VI Annual Reunion of students and alumni from Dental Prosthesis Juan Badal March's School (Benicasim).

1991 Biodent Metalkeramic Dental Ceramics Workshop. Mr. Roberto Schwab (Madrid).

1992 Workshop: "Ceramics: Science, Design and Art." Mr. Jhon Hubbard. VII Annual Meeting of students and alumni (Benicasim).

1994 Carat. Dental Ceramics Workshop. Mr. Roberto Schwab (San Sebastián).

1997 Workshop: "Aesthetic customization of Ceramics on Metal." Mr. August Bruguera (Pamplona).

1998 Course for laboratory technicians: International Symposium of Oral Implantology.  Sr. Rainer Semsch/Dr. Detlef Hildebrand (San Sebastián).

1999 Workshop: "Characterization of the previous group in acrylic and porcelain teeth." Mr. Max Bosshart (Logroño).

2005 Dental Ceramics Workshop: "Stratification Techniques for Anterior Teeth." Mr. Luc Rutten (Barcelona).

2007 Workshop: "Dental - Photography". Mr. Claude Sieber (Barcelona).

2008 Laser welding Workshop. Mr. Rafael Valera (San Sebastián).

2009 Theoretical-practical Course on Feldspathic Veneers; "Veneers on Refractory Die Technique". Mr. Michel Magne (Madrid).

2011 Protocol of daily work; Pink Ceramic. Mr. Eduardo Setien (San Sebastián).

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