1992 11º International Symposium on Ceramics (Madrid).

1992 II Official Congress of the Regional Federation of Dental Prosthetics A.G.R.N. (Pamplona).

1993 VIII Annual Reunion of students and alumni from Juan Badal March's School (Benicasim).

1998 FDI Annual World Dental Congress (Barcelona).

1998 SEPES (Madrid).

1999 FDM (Barcelona).

2000 SEPES of Implantology (Madrid).

2001 EUROPEAN IMPLANTOLOGY FORUM: Implantology post-degree; Oral implantology and implant supported prostheses Diploma (Madrid)

2001 I Study Group Meeting (Madrid).

2001 SEPES (San Sebastián).

2002 XX International Symposium on Ceramics by Quintessence Publishing Co and LSU school of Dentistry (San Diego / California).

2002 SEPES (Murcia).

2003 II International Symposium on Oral Implantology(Vitoria).

2003 SEPES (Bilbao).

2004 Iberan Conference Nobel Biocare (Sitges).

2004 ACADEN (Granada).

2006 SEPES (Madrid).

2006 SEPES (Madrid).

2007 FDM (Barcelona).

2007 I Technical Lectures of Dental Prosthesis of Madrid (Madrid).

2010 II Update on Aesthetic Implantology Conference Days (Valencia).

2011 IV Technical - Scientific Conference Days: "Learning Together" (Jaén).

2011 I SCOI National Congress (Granada).

2011 SIMPOSIUM ESPERTISE 3M : Aesthetics : Art and Technology Fusion (Madrid).

2011 SEPES (Tarragona).

2012 Sascha Hein Conference (Madrid)