Work Philosophy

Nowadays, with more demanding patients that have more dental knowledge, we find ourselves in Modern Dentistry with a new and continually developing range of possibilities; integrating new technology and known techniques in order to ensure our prosthetic restorations are perfectly integrated in each case and suited to each patient. Our practice is based on the adaptation of classic techniques to suit modern times.

Materials such as zirconia, alumina, feldspathic ceramics are available as potential solutions for implantology; CAD CAM Systems for different types of structures on implants; intraoral cameras to take digital impressions, provisional aesthetic gingival architecture modeling, spectrophotometry color recognition; emergency profiles; customized ceramic veneers, texture treatments: a knowledge of anatomy; new techniques related to working with the gums (ceramic work or composites).

All these possibilities, well chosen and properly combined in each case according to its needs, will lead us to an excellent dental aesthetic and full integration of the prosthesis through implantology. We always ensure a fully integrated process based on full collaboration between the Dentist, Technician and patient.